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Liberalism: Death to freedom

More than just a philosophy.

In America today, there are two very different philosophies at work. And the potential differences are just as opposite: Conservatism and Liberalism.

To know the potential differences between these two, you would have to take a look back at our history.

Conservatism seeks to keep the rights we do have and restore those which we have lost or are in the process of losing. These rights are laid out in our government's blueprint, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Some of these rights include the Right of assembly, right to own a firearm, right to private property, and right to a speedy and fair trial.

Freedoms that are being eroded away are that of national sovereignty, freedom to hold our own oppinions, and so on. But exactly how is it that liberalism seeks to destroy these. Here's how:

Liberalism picks and choses what it likes out of the Bill of Rights. You can have religion as long as it is not biblical Christianity (because they are cruel and say that Jesus is the only way to heaven). You are evil if you carry a gun. Your voice will be heard only if it agrees with what the left says is acceptable. You cannot use your property the way you want to because it hurts the environment.

Freedoms like National sovereignty are being taken away with globalist ideas, such as it is our obligation to share our wealth with other nations, and if you say something wrong on public property, depending on the comment, you could be called a racist, sexist, or a member of the vast right wing conspiracy.

Liberalism also seeks to bring equality, but who said there was ever equality to be found. The Declaration of Independence says that "All men are created equal." However, this is in reference to our sin nature and our need for God's grace.

Liberalism seeks to not hurt feelings. An example of this is the push in the elementary education of your state schools. If you were asked what 2+2=, what would you say? Some kids would say three, five, six, or twelve, and they are not counted wrong, because "the child tried." Sure he may have tried, but he got it wrong. If he has hurt feelings, explain to him why he got it wrong and tell him to work it out until he got it right.

What benefit would it be to the child if it were counted right?

But this is just scratching the surface. Liberalism penetrates much deeper. A liberal will scream for more government control over our lives, because we can't be trusted to live them. We can't be trusted to save our own money, so the government came up with Social Security. Sure it sounds nice, but in reality, the government can touch this money whenever they want, so you may get some of it, little of it, or none at all.

The liberals say that we can't use our land the way we see fit, so they come up with environmental laws that are completely outrageous. Don't get me wrong, the environment needs to be looked after, but not worshipped as these people propose.

We can't even take care of our own health needs, so the government with the liberals comes up with all these plans. What happens when government decides to stop funding these unlawful programs?

The liberals love governmental control. Yet the people that are responsible for our freedom in the first place said that government had to be extremely limited, or else those freedoms would be lost, and that is what we are seeing now.