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Truth about the UN

The one-world government and how evil it really is.

Since the mid 1940's, people have been deceived into thinking that the United Nations is a peace organization, committed to solving conflicts before they start, and using legislation instead of war to solve international disputes.

In actuality, the UN is one of the greatest threats to our liberty and freedom.

In a pamphlet put out by the John Birch Society, there is listed 12 grievances against the UN:

1)The UN's philosophy is both anti-American and pro-totalitarian.
They completely ignore our founding documents, such as The Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.

2)The UN was founded by communists whose goal was a socialist global government.
Alger Hiss, one of the most prominant person's responsible for the UN, was a known communist. And he wasn't the only one. Along with the communists there were other groups at work to establish a socialistic world government.

3)There have only been socialists or communists who have been Secretary-General of the UN.
The Soviet spy Hiss was the first Secretary-General, and his successors have followed in his footsteps, in ideology.

4)The UN seeks power to control the world, by using environmental, population, and children's issues.
What they don't tell you is that many of these issues are either fabricated or completely twisted around.

5)The UN Charter paves the way for world tyranny.
They may use any force neccesary, whether by land, sea, or air, to solve world conflicts, although they have no right to be there.

6)The UN is building its own army to enforce what the UN wants.
Amazingly, the majority of soldiers in this army are Americans. Not only is this organization anti-American, it is using our people to enforce its will.

7)The UN has never settled a dispute-it has made them worse.
We easily could have won in Korea, but UN regulations then and now say we aren't allowed to engage an enemy, and if they fire at us, we aren't allowed to fire back.

8)The UN praises communist countries while condemning free ones.
Examples of this are when Nelson Mandela achieved power in the 1990's. He was a self-proclaimed communist and terrorist, yet the UN granted him power.

9)The UN embraces Communist China-one of history's most notorious regimes.
This has been most evident in recent years, as the un-human atrocities that the Chinese do goes unchecked, while good countries such as Taiwan are being harassed.

10)The UN is a moral cesspool of perverts and fat cats.
The UN supports child molestation groups such as the North American Man/Boy Love Association and the Dutch group Vereniging Martijn. And the relief fund for children UNICEF actually is handed over to terrorist groups.

11) Monies supplied to the UN by the United States goes in support of anti-American regimes and other enemies of ours.
Funds such as those going for the World bamk actually are supplied to Marxist regimes who are intent on destroying the United States. Without these funds, such governments would not be able to exist.

12)The UN is a war organization, not one that promotes peace.
Governments embracing tyranny have defined peace as the absence of all opposition. This is what the UN does. It uses any force neccesarry to make sure tyrannists come to power while the good people left suffer.

I hope this has been informative to you.